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Thank You for taking the time to be introduced to Full House Promotions, reading this may only take 2 minutes but may solve years of entertainment irritations.


Full House Promotions is a company that specialise in solving our client’s entertainment needs. Relying on 12 years of experience we know the needs of not only our clients but also that of our entertainers. We endeavour to match the perfect entertainment to the specific venue or function. We know that entertainment should provide you with increased turnover and a wonderful experience for your clients.

We have done extensive research in the entertainment industry and found that diversity works in all establishments. We have many bands to fulfil all your specific needs. We can rotate bands to decrease boredom, or have as many bands as you wish performing in the same routine for a few months to create a following.

What we offer:

We offer a variety of the best local artists in South Africa, may it be up and coming bands or household names.

Our bands consist of all genres including rock, pop, Afrikaans, cover and original.

Bands are selected according to budget, genre and stage space.

Speciality acts ranging from comedians, Jazz, Blues, Karaoke, Dancers etc. can be supplied.

We will endeavour to supply back-up bands should the booked artist for whatever reason not be able to make it to the venue.

We offer peace of mind that the artists are professional and specialists in their respective fields, not persons that ends up costing you money by chasing your customers away. (Many establishments try to save money by hiring the wrong people, and end up hurting their own business for months.)

You can book an artist or act online by clicking here and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to meet you and discuss your specific needs. Rest assured that we deliver the best product, for the best price every time.



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